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Edited with an Introduction, Translation and Commentary by
A.A. Phillips & M.M. Willcock
Xenophon & Arrian on Hunting (with Hounds)

ISBN 085668 706 5 (limp)
ISBN 085668 705 7 (cloth)

Aris & Phillips Ltd., Warminster, England As hunting generates such fierce debate in Britain today, it seems an appropriate moment to examine the two best classical works on the subject. For both authors hunting was primarily for hares with hounds. Xenophon describes the establishment needed, how to use it in the field and justifies hunting as the first part of education and the best training for war. Arrian's treatise, some five hundred years later, is a commentary on Xenophon's; to bring it up-to-date, as he says. He describes the revolution in hunting that the introduction of gaze-hounds had caused and many charming anecdotes about his hunting experiences and his favourite hound. Both give a vivid picture of the daily life of two wealthy Greeks at leisure which the modern huntsman will find familiar.
M. H. Dutch Salmon Gazehounds & Coursing

The History, Art and Sport of Hunting with Sighthounds

ISBN 0-944383-49-1

High-Lonesome Books, Silver City, New Mexico  
Mitchell Jones The Dogs of Capitalism

Book 1: Origins

General E. Daumas

With Commentaries by The Emir Abd-el-Kader

Translated from the French by Sheila M. Ohlendorf

Preface by Stuart Cloete

The Horses of the Sahara

ISBN 0-292-78373-6

University of Texas Press

Austin & London

General E. Daumas

With Commentaries by The Emir Abd-el-Kader

Translated from the French by Sheila M. Ohlendorf

Foreword by Robert A Fernea

The Ways of the Desert

ISBN 0-292-70087-3

University of Texas Press

Austin & London

W. V. Soman The Indian Dog Popular Prakashan Here for the first time a revealing light is thrown on a totally neglected subject - Indian Dog. Much literature on the foreign varieties of canine breeds is available and the dog lovers in India are very often inclined to prefer these breeds. But Maj. W. V. Soman points out that India too can boast of a wide variety of breeds equally fine, impressive, strong and useful, allowing a vast choice for selection for different purposes. He describes them in detail and suggests that with sincere efforts and scientific application the breeding of dogs of Indian origin can give improved and well typed out progenies within a few years. A catalogue of forty-three art plates showing the different varieties of Indian breeds is appended to this book.
Raymond Coppinger and Lorna Coppinger Dogs: A new understanding of canine origin, behavior and evolution

ISBN 0-226-11563-1

The University of Chicago Press

Biologists, breeders and trainers, and champion sled dog racers, Raymond and Lorna Coppinger have more than four decades of experience with literally thousands of dogs. Offering a scientifically informed perspective on canines and their relations with humans, the Coppingers take a close look at eight different types of dogs - household, village, livestock guarding, herding, sledpulling, pointing, retrieving, and hound. They argue that dogs did not evolve directly from wolves, nor were they trained by early humans; instead they domesticated themselves to exploit a new ecological niche: Mesolithic village dumps. Tracing the evolution of today's breeds from these village dogs, the Coppingers show how characteristic shapes and behaviors - from pointing and baying to the sleek shapes of running dogs - arise from both genetic heritage and the environments in which pups are raised.

R. H. A. Merlen De Canibus: Dog and Hound in Antiquity J. A. Allen & Co. The decline of letters which set in after the fourth century A.D. led to nothing being written on the subject of the dog and hound for almost exactly a thousand years and one of the objects of this book is to try and fill in this wide gap in canine history. In addition, an endeavour has been made to trace the descent of some of the modern breeds of sporting dogs back to their ancient forebears, and at the same time an occasional glance has been directed at the diseases to which the flesh of dogs has always been unfortunately heir.
D. Brian Plummer The Complete Book of Sight Hounds, Long Dogs and Lurchers Robinson Publishing, London Chapter 2 - Rare Breeds
Section on "The Sloughi"
Various Coursing: The Pursuit of Game with Gazehounds Standfast Sporting Library Section on "The Sloughi"
Xavier Przezdziecki Our Levriers: the Past, Present and Future of all Sighthounds

ISBN : 2904304177

Les Amis de Xavier Przezdziecki (2004) English version only still available from:
Fax: +33 (0)
Post: Bernard Lignon & Maurice Canivenq, 12290 Tremouilles, France
Price: 38 euros + postage/packing
Constance O. Miller Gazehounds: The Search for Truth Hoflin Publishing Ltd. The contents of this book were, in nearly verbatim form, published in the now defunct Gazehound magazine as a 22 part series (from 1976 to 1980) under the title, "The Search for Truth in Gazehounds".
Sian Hall Dogs of Africa
ISBN 1-57779-039-1
Alpine Blue Ribbon Books A definitive study of the breeds, new and old, originating on the African continent.

Pariahs - Hounds - Southern African Dogs - Sighthounds - Mastiffs - Small Pet Dogs

Sir Terence Clark & Muawiya Derhalli
(Introduction, translation and notes)
Al-Mansur's book on Hunting
ISBN 085668 744 8
Aris & Phillips Ltd Selection, breeding, feeding and training of Saluqis for hunting, and the treatment of canine diseases.
  Christian de Longevialle / Claude d'Anthenaise The Hunting Book of Gaston Phébus Hackberry Press Treatise on hunting with superb mediaeval illustrations
Denise Como Sighthounds Afield Authorhouse Complete guide to sighthound breeds and amateur performance events (section on Sloughis)
Douglas Brewer, Terence Clark & Adrian Phillips Dogs in Antiquity: Anubis to Cerberus - The Origins of the Domestic Dog
ISBN: 0 855668 704 9
Aris & Phillips Ltd Traces the origins of the domestic dog from its first beginnings as a wolf and then explores how the many varieties came about
  Marie-Dominique Crapon de Caprona Ph.D. Sloughi: A Comprehensive Owner's Guide
ISBN: 1-59378-395-7
Kennel Club Books LLC (2004) History, characteristics, breed standard (UKC), your puppy, proper care, training, healthcare, showing (USA point of view)
Ibn al-Marzuban
(Translated and edited by G.R.Smith and M.A.S.Abdel Haleem)
The book of the Superiority of Dogs over many of Those who wear Clothes
ISBN: 0 85668 090 7
Aris & Phillips Ltd Collection of stories and poetry inspired by a conversation in 10th century Baghdad between the collector and a friend
Edited by Gail Goodman The Saluqi Coursing Hound of the East
ISBN: 0-9639224-0-8
Midbar Inc (1995)

As a celebration of the Saluqi and a tribute to the Eastern breeder, as well as a reflection on the Western history of the breed, this encyclopedic work will be useful to dog fanciers, horse lovers, and researchers alike. Every page is stimulating, dense with information, while at the same time being just plain good reading. For those too busy to read, there are over a thousand photographs.
Michael Rice Swifter than the arrow: the golden hunting hounds of ancient Egypt
I.B.Tauris (2006) Wolf to Dog to Hunting Hound - The Beloved Companion - The Hound in the Hunt - Golden Jackals, Egyptian Hounds and the Hounds of the Mediterranean Islands - The Canine Gods of Ancient Egypt -
Johan Galant The Story of the African Dog
ISBN 1-86914-024-9
University of Natal Press (2002) The African dog, or Africanis, is the original domestic dog of southern Africa, whose ancient origins can be traced back to the prehistoric wild wolf packs of Arabia and India. This unique and fascinating study recreates for us the journey of the dog's primitive canine ancestors, from their earliest presence at the fire of Stone Age humans, through the evolution from wolf to protodog to domestic dog and subsequent migration into the African continent with nomadic Neolithic herders.
Ursula Birr, Gerald Krakauer, Daniela Osiander Dog's Best Friend: Journey to the Roots of an Ancient Partnership

ISBN 0-89281-829-8

Park Street Press, Vermont (1999) Through Dog's Best Friend unforgettable images and stirring narration we come to know and admire a variety of dogs of great dignity and distinct character, dogs such as the graceful and courageous azawakhs and sloughis of Burkina Faso and the herding dogs of Patagonia, animals whose roles are essential in the sustenance of their human counterparts.


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