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Canine Nutrition (Revised), by William D. Cusick 


Chapter on the Sloughi


Weight Standards: m/f - 45 to 55 lbs

Height Standards: m - 26 to 28 inches, f - 22 to 28 inches

Coat: single, smooth textured, in solid shades of sand or fawn

Common Ailments: bloat, PRA, circulatory problems


The Sloughi developed in the deserts of Ethiopia over 5000 years ago. They hunted Gazelles and desert rabbit for the nomadic tribesmen of the area.  Then during the Middle Ages, when their Arab owners were invading Central Africa, this breed accompanied them to the area bordering the Sahara and Tripolitania.  It is in this area where the largest numbers of this breed can be found today.

This breed has very little body fat.  Its muscular frame is built for speed and it has a coat designed for living in a warm dry climate.  I mention these physical characteristics because they are some reasons why the Sloughi must be fed a different type of food than a breed with a heavy layer of body fat and a double thick insulating coat to protect its body from the cold.

Native food supplies for this breed would have been meat from the desert rabbit, gazelle, camel, goat, and sage hen.  The vegetable crops would have been of a tuber type or low ground variety and the primary grains were rice and wheat.

For the Sloughi I recommend foods that are a blend of horse meat, poultry, brown rice, avocado, and wheat.  However, I feel you should avoid feeding a Sloughi any soy, beet pulp, white rice, white potatoes, or beef.



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